Kovalam Carnival

ATTOI was the first organisation of its kind to organise a colourful Carnival along Kovalam Beach with the support of The LeMerdien Hotel. The event was a huge success and was attended by more than 500 people. The event hosted a number of cultural programmes for which Kerala is famous for. The invitees received free transportation from Thiruvananthapuram City, which was again a unique effort from ATTOI.

Increase in Vehicle Tax

ATTOI approached the ruling as well as opposition parties of Kerala with details of inconveniences that may be caused to the public due to steep hike in vehicle taxes. The Government considered the request and granted relaxation very quickly which was again proof of joint efforts by the members.

Active Participation in Trade Fairs

Ever since ATTOI was formed, it was decided among the members that all trade fairs in the country and overseas, will be attended jointly by the members of ATTOI. This has not only invited attention to the harmony among various suppliers in the trade but was also appreciated by the Government as well as boards of Tourism. Every WTM, ITB, ATM, TTF are attended by a majority of members without fail.

Munnar Issue

The moment ATTOI realised that the customers who were travelling from long distances to Kerala, were suffering because of the legal issues at Munnar, ATTOI had communicated its displeasure through the media and through various channels. These comments were noted by the officials and some changes in action were brought about.

Education Programme for Drivers

ATTOI demands quality everywhere which can be achieved from experience only. As drivers of the trade are the key persons dealing with the guests on a daily basis, every member has taken steps to impart yearly training to the drivers within the organisation. Apart from this, a joint training programme had been also conducted at Thiruvananthapuram where hundreds of drivers had the opportunity to learn from invited faculties. A proposal for regular training programme to drivers has been put forward to the Dept. of Tourism.

Tourism Day September 27 Celebrations

The most important day for World Tourism, is conducted by ATTOI with the co-operation of various tourism institutes and colleges. There were several educational and practical sessions conducted in the past years.

Education Programme in Schools

This is the latest initiative, taken by ATTOI in order to create awareness of Tourism growth from school level. This programme helps suitable students to go in further with their tourism interest and choose higher studies with the help of educational institutes.

Assisting New Tourism Companies

ATTOI is delighted to help Companies which require proper advice from senior entrepreneurs with regards to creation and development of a product in the tourism industry. It includes helping companies in any issues they are facing, caused due to lack of knowledge being a new comer to the industry. There had been several cases where ATTOI assisted such companies and helped them recover.

Environment Day June 5th

Every year we organise seminars on environment and also conduct mass run with the help of other organisations for awareness of environment.