The Association of Tourism Trade Organisations, India was established in 2003 and registered under the Charitable Trust Act of Kerala.

When plans were in pipeline to create an organisation for India Tourism, every individual behind the screen was clear on two points – clarity and harmony in business. A most courageous decision was taken by the founders that no “business discussions” will be conducted in any of the official or personal meetings.

What the founders never realised was that the majority of the leading tour operators would become close friends and share business ideas, organise common discussions; travel together and more importantly a relationship could develop between families of members. Today they are proud to show to the industry that ATTOI members are present everywhere as a team, whether it is in international or domestic trade fairs or even personal functions. The Organisation is now noted with envy and it is a surprise to many as to how these competitors are together enjoying the strength of knowledge and power.

The Executive Committee, elected by the Active Members is managing the association and its activities. The Executive Committee comprises of known personalities of the trade with work experience of more than a decade.

Protecting the natural and cultural environment and responsible travel are key concerns for ATTOI and its members. Each potential member’s sustainable tourism credentials are examined before they are admitted as members. This is to ensure sustainability and to ascertain that local culture and environment are treated with the utmost care and respect. ATTOI members recognise that the destinations where they provide holidays are the lifeblood of the industry and that they need to protect them with responsible travel and sustainable tourism policy.

ATTOI is the first tourism industry association to incorporate into its business charter a commitment to Responsible Travel and Sustainable Tourism.

ATTOI is an Association of individuals and independent companies, each with its own distinctive style and field of operation. As such, each of these individuals and independent companies have their own ways and means of fulfilling their responsibilities by publicising good practice to encourage and spread Responsible Tourism.

We are a non-government, non-profitable, apolitical organisation, committed to promote tourism in various sectors and also to generate interest for a healthy business relationship and harmony among parties in the trade.