CLEARTRIP.COM LAUNCHES NEW SECTION – SMALL WORLD ON ITS WEBSITE has launched a new section called Small World on its website which offers travel guides and tips on 3.2 million destinations across the word. According to a report in Hindustan Times, for each, the site provides details on the cheapest flight from India, average hotel rates, temperature, local time, sights to visit, restaurants to go to, entertainment, Visa requirements and other tips, along with pictures. For each destination, ten recommended eating, shopping and entertainment spots are mentioned, and the company plans to further increase the number. One can also book hotels, flights and pan-India trains through the site.

Hrush Bhatt, Founder and Director, Cleartrip said, “Lonely Planet offers this information, but on their site you can’t book, whereas on our site you can. The site links in with the existing booking mechanisms of Cleartrip. The travel guides and content on each destination are provided by our partners, who include Lonely Planet, Yahoo and flickr. Three staff members spent four months getting the Small World section ready. We have been wanting to do this for four years, but we had to wait till all the technology was in place.”

Bhatt added, “Traditionally when you visit any travel site, they are largely limited to 2,000 to 3,000 destinations, we did not think that was enough, so we have put in 3.2 million destinations. Therefore on our site you can search for London Eye, Eiffel Tower and Disneyworld.”

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